Tao Meng

Written as 孟涛

Email: tmeng [at] cs [dot] ucla [dot] edu

I am a second-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science, UCLA. I'm work with Prof. Kai-Wei Chang focusing on problems in Natural Language Processing and machine learning. Currently, I am working on incorporating constraints in machine learning and natural language processing models. My resume is available here.

I got my bachelor's degree at IIIS (Yao's Class) in Tsinghua University.

Recent News

* [04.2020] Our paper SentiBERT: An Effective, Transferable and Interpretable Architecture for Compositional Sentiment Semantics has been accepted by ACL 2020.

* [04.2020] Our paper On the Robustness of Language Encoders against Grammatical Errors has been accepted by ACL 2020.

* [04.2020] Our paper Mitigating Gender Bias Amplification in Distribution by Posterior Regularization has been accepted by ACL 2020.

* [07.2019] Our paper Target Language-Aware Constrained Inference for Cross-lingual Dependency Parsing has been accepted by EMNLP 2019.

* [09.2018] I become a Ph.D. student in Computer Science Department at UCLA. I will join UCLANLP Group and work with Prof. Kai-Wei Chang.

Not That New News


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